The Instructor
Spanish Language Services offers conversational Spanish courses for individuals and onsite group classes. All classes are taught by Liliana Hermosilla Rosenthal, the Company’s founder, an award winning, native speaker, and college trained language instructor. Ms. Hermosilla Rosenthal has taught conversational Spanish for over twenty five years from grade school to adult education. Join the hundreds of students who have studied Spanish with this unique teacher. As noted in one local publication: “Few could be more qualified...for her line of work.” Shorewood Herald, “More than Words”

Customized Classes
Each class is customized to meet the personal and/or professional needs of the individual student. Many students including doctors, lawyers, social workers, journalists, and clergy have studied for professional enhancement. Others students have studied for travel, the desire to communicate with a Spanish speaking family member, or personal growth. Ms. Hermosilla Rosenthal incorporates cultural information into her classes to enable her students to understand Spanish speakers from different backgrounds.

Recording Classes
Each class is recorded so that the student may study at his/her own leisure. This reinforces the interaction during the class itself.

it's never too late to study a lew language. Spanish Language Services has successfully assisted students who are having difficulties with their high school Spanish studies. Her students have improved their grades dramatically or gained a conversational facility not otherwise available in a non private classroom setting.

Senior Citizens
Recent studies have shown that language learning can have considerable benefit for senior citizens. It ís never too old to study a new language.

"I have been pleased with the professionalism of the service. We appreciate the rapport that has been built with our employees."
-HM Graphics, Inc.