Interpretation is the oral rendering from one language into another as contrasted with translation which is the written rendering from one language into another. These are two different skills.

Spanish Language Services has highly skilled Spanish/English and English/Spanish interpreters including the Company’s owner who has interpreted at very high levels of difficulty in the legal, medical, commercial and general fields.

Here is a sampling of remarks from judges, attorneys, corporate executives and others about the company's professional interpreting services:


"Now that the trial of the above entitled matter has been concluded, I want to express my thanks and appreciation for your very able assistance. As you can imagine,in the past years we've used many fine interpreters to assist in a variety of both criminal and civil trials. I must say, however, that none of them were as competent as you were during the above trial"
-Federal Judge

" was a pleasure working with you; I'm still amazed at your agility in translating word for word as they were uttered."
-John E. Reid and Associates

"Spanish Language Services has provided interpreting services to Manpower Inc... Without exception we have been delighted with its services."
-Corporate Officer, Manpower International

"Ms. Rosenthal proved to be an extremely skilled interpreter. In my opinion, her presence in the courtroom added a sense of dignity to the proceeding. In each of my interactions with Ms. Rosenthal, I have concluded that the quality of her work and her interaction with others is simply excellent. She is a true professional and a pleasure to work with."
-M. Angela Bentice, Attorney at Law